Pulsation Dampeners

NUCCORP designs custom pulsation dampeners for the nuclear industry. Based upon the design specification, NUCCORP designs and supplies pulsation dampeners to ASME Section III Class 2.

Generally, the operating range of pulsation dampeners is from 0 to 3000 psig, which includes the upper end of the system operating pressure where the dampeners are typically required to operate. Dampeners with greater pressure ranges are available, but are not as common.

NUCCORP's proprietary design is made entirely of stainless steel, has no moving parts and, specifically does not have a bladder or polymer pulsation absorption system.
It is the only acoustically adjustable bladderless pulsation dampener on the market (Patent Pending) which allows it to be adjusted if the system conditions ever change. Advanced design techniques, computer modeling and testing have led to NUCCORP's design simultaneously providing the greatest range of resonance/pulsation frequency avoidance and pulsation attenuation with the least pressure drop across the unit.

NUCCORP's engineers assist the site engineers with walk-downs and, upon request, our experienced team of PEs can assist in writing the necessary design specification for the site under one of the site's engineers. Our team designs the pulsation dampener, obtains the requisite approvals of the system engineers and has the unit built and delivered by one of our N-Stamp suppliers. We coordinate fabrication, skid mounting with your pump manufacturer (if new pumps are being supplied at the same time) and provide oversight during installation. We can also quote installation services upon request.


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