Nuclear Grade Air TrapTM Video (NGAT-150) Cycle Animation Video

  • The NGAT is installed at a pre-determined local area high point.

  • As gases enter the NGAT chamber, the liquid level in the chamber descends and the buoyant titanium Float descends with it.

  • The titanium Float has a permanent magnet built inside it. The position of the Float (and thus the liquid level) is constantly indicated on the external Float Level Indicator, which shows the position of the magnet.

  • Once the Float and Float Level Indicator reach a minimum calculated level within the NGAT (determined for each NGAT based on system parameters) the valve is opened and the gas is released to a collection system. As the gas is relaesed, the Float and Float Level Indicator rise.

  • When the Float Level Indicator shows the NGAT is once again "full", the valve is closed.

  • This passive design provides constant, literal compliance with Tech Spec requirements by constantly proving that the system is "full" of water while promoting ALARA principles.

  • Frequent visual monitoring of the Float Level Indicator not only ensures that the system is "full", but allows for air accumulation trending analysis which can greatly assist in the monitoring of system health.

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